GIF representing a girl wearing a virtual reality headset
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Image representing a young child wearing a virtual reality headest GIF representing a girl wearing a virtual reality headset


The real estate revolution

Wouldn't it be great to travel without moving using your smartphone? Soulvu is a software + hardware tool designed to create and visualize 360 degree interactive views, both in 2d and in 3D. In short, virtual reality ready content via web (webVR). Soulvu is a SAAS (Software as a service) aimed to agencies, architectural firms, companies, real estate agencies, touristic sightseeing companies.

  • browser based

  • lightweight both on desktop and mobile phones

  • minimal processor effort on load for enhanced mobile performance

  • one purpose simplified user experience
  • point-and-click backend interface

  • Google Daydreamâ„¢ ready

  • Full analytics

  • built in sound for a more immersive experience
  • location geolocalization

  • customer branded content

  • fully responsive, easily embeddable

  • direct upload via smartphone

Please read the review on Corriere della Sera. The showcases hereby included are from Soulvu v1.0.
Version 2.0 coming January 2018. More info: