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We all know how much WordPress is popular nowadays,

and how it grew out from being a single-blog application to a much larger ecosystem. Big companies rely on it an an always growing scale, and the performance depends from a chain of factors. That's why we:

  • work on a professional multiserver installation, with both staging and development environments so you can rewrite most of your structure while users keep on navigating the main site

  • know every single line of code of the themes we build. Minified, optimized for performance, cutting-edge looking

  • work on a "less is more" code approach: forget plugin-cluttered backends for a simpler user approach with video tutorials

  • ensure a higher level of security by rewriting most of the backend structure

  • can import thousands of items from your CRM output file: your site becomes your CRM on the web

  • all your content is backed up and safe, anytime

  • it's built to scale throughout the years

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